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Tracking My Great Dane's Growth

Updated: Jun 18

Meet Gunner. I adopted him from a family in Chicago. His dad was a Mastiff/Dane Mix and mom was an AKC Black Dane. Here is a shot of his parents:

It was a last-minute decision while home visiting my parents in Milwaukee. He was 37 lbs at 12 weeks and I soon realized that I couldn't take him on my Southwest flight, which was leaving that evening. I held my rental car and we drove from Milwaukee, WI to Gilford, NH. He had not had a vet check yet and soonest I could get on the calendar was June 16th.

Black Great Dane Puppy
Gunner at 12 weeks

After being home two weeks, June 3rd he had serious diarrhea and started losing weight. I did a fecal flotation test in my lab and spotted parasite eggs, likely tapeworm. I picked up a dewormer at Tractor Supply which seems to take care of it in 48 hours. In the weight chart below you can see where he lost weight (week 14) likely from dehydration. After the dewormer he bounced back quickly! I was also able to have a vet look at him a few days later who wanted to follow with 3 days of Fenbendazole and 10 days of metronidazole (500 mg 2X daily with food) to make sure we knocked out any parasites or waterborne bacteria.

I have been plotting his growth. I'll keep it updated here:

He is approaching 4 months and I am curious to see how his growth changes. We feed him 2 cups of puppy food, 3 times daily. Next week our vet recommended increasing to 2 1/4 cup at each meal.

At 15 weeks he broke 50 lbs coming in at 51.4 lbs.

His frame is growing faster than his muscles. His new sister is a pitbull. They get along great but he does not have the strength yet to really wrestle and she pushes him around a lot. Although he is already the same size as my pitbull, he is also unable to really jump yet. He can get on the couch with a running start but needs help into cars as well as onto a bed. Its a good reminder that although he is the size of a full grown dog, he is really just 15 week old puppy!

Vaccine day at 15 weeks. Great team at Interlakes Animal Hospital. Today Gunner received:

-Rabies 1 year

-DHLPP puppy distemper

-Lyme 1st dose

-Bordetella 1year

They got it all done and a recital temperature check while he was munching on treats. Back in 4 weeks for followup.

To Be Continued

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