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Home Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

Updated: Feb 10

In this post I am sharing a short list of techniques to quickly remedy plantar fasciitis. With a high level of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and running lately, I have come down with a nasty case affecting my right foot. I do feel tightness in my left foot as well but the throbbing pain in my right heal is the real trouble. To be clear, this is NOT from any sort of trauma. If you have had some sort of foot trauma, I recommend you see a doctor.


My good friend, Heidi, who teaches kickboxing, recommended an icing technique to bring down inflammation. Fill a paper cup with water and place in freezer. Once frozen, peel off top layer exposing ice and rub on your heal and foot.

Ice to rub on heal

Ball Roll

Hold yourself steady using wall or chair. With your shoe and sox off, roll the bottom of your foot on a tennis ball. Put your weight into it and roll the forefoot, arch, and heal. Spend about 5 minutes on each foot to stretch out and loosen tissue. If it feels okay, you can substitute in a harder ball. I have a standing desk and will roll my foot on a lacrosse ball while working on computer.

lacrosse ball
Hard lacrosse ball to roll foot on

Calf Stretches

Stretch one calf at a time using a wall to lean on. Keep your back foot flat and lean forward. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and then switch legs. Perform this stretch 5 times per side.

Standing calf stretch

Tissue Massage

I like to use a Theragun to massage and loosen tissue throughout the bottom of foot and all calf muscles. But you can also rub and squeeze tissue if you don't have a massage tool like this.

Arch Support/Good Shoes

I do like to kick around in flip flops, but I will avoid these for a few weeks and walk around in shoes with good arch support and a cushioned heal. I have selected my Hoka running shoes for duration of this. Additionally, in order to allow my fascia to heal, I have added arch supports to displace some of the weight off my heal. I went with a product from Airplus.

Try to run through these techniques 3 times per day (morning, midday, and evening). It's a lot but if you stick with it, not only will the pain be manageable, but it will expedite your recovery time.

Good Luck!

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